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Oscar De La Hoya was born on February 4, 1973, in Los Angeles, California. This American boxer and promoter comes from a line of boxers. His grandfather, father, and brother were all boxers, but only Oscar was the only one of them to gain worldwide recognition. Oscar has won numerous awards throughout his amateur and professional careers. In 1995, De La Hoya was declared the “Fighter of the Year” by Ring Magazine. Two years later, Ring Magazine rated him the world’s top Pound for Pound fighter. Throughout De La Hoya’s amateur career, he had only 5 losses – an unbelievable feat considering that he had 223 wins, 173 of which were by way of knockout. Although he is rated as a Super Welterweight contender, Oscar De La Hoya has entered into and dominated six different weight classes.

The amateur going for gold

Throughout De La Hoya’s amateur career, he had numerous highlights. He earned the nickname “The Golden Boy” for his numerous gold medals in different competitions. In 1989, he became a Gold Medalist in the National Golden Gloves. One year later, he won two more gold medals in the US National Championships and the Goodwill games. In 1991, he took home another gold medal in the US National Championships and one in the US Olympic Festival. 1992 brought about two more gold medals, one in the World Championships Challenge and another in the Olympic Games in Barcelona.

Other golden highlights

Throughout his professional career, Oscar De La Hoya had a total of 44 fights. Out of these 44 bouts, he won 39 and lost only 5. Thirty of De La Hoya’s wins came by knockout. The Golden Boy has defeated seventeen world champions, entering into six different weight classes and winning ten world titles.

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Oscar De La Hoya

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