Boxing Essentials

While some people may find boxing to be a brutal sport, there are many who enjoy boxing because of the excitement, strategy, and talent involved in the sport. Whether you like boxing or not, you have probably encountered boxing equipment in one form or another. This boxing poster features three essentials for boxing training: boxing gloves, bandage tape and a punching bag. Whether you are into boxing as a sport, as a profession, or just as a hobby, you are likely to have used these objects before.

Boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are worn over the hands in order to cushion the impact of punches. By lowering impact, there are less chances of the boxer being injured due to fracture or contusion when punched and when punching. Boxing gloves, therefore, are worn for the safety of both fighters. There are many types of gloves, which differ depending on weight, make, and use. For example, speed gloves are designed to weigh less and are used for practice, while professional fight gloves are more padded and range between 14oz and 20oz.

Bandage tape

While bandage tape has many different uses, in boxing it is used to protect the hands. Bandage tape is wrapped around the hands before putting on the boxing gloves. By tightly wrapping the hand and wrist in bandage tape, the fighter is better protected against dislocation or fracture. Also, the tape helps to absorb some of the contact taken by the hand when throwing a punch.

Punching bag

There are numerous different types of punching bags. These bags are used for practice in the gym or at home. Punching bags range in size, weight, and type, and there are basically five types of punching bags. Each type of bag is meant to provide a different type of training, from speed and power to accuracy and dodging.

Pair of Boxing Gloves with a Punching Bag and Bandage Tape

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