Bagging Speed

This boxing poster shows a rear-view perspective of a boxer punching a speed bag. The speed bag is a type of punching bag that is used in boxing and martial arts training. Speed bags are meant to build controlled power and speed. Usually, when boxers make use of the speed bag, they either use light gloves or just bandaging over their hands. This allows for increased precision, therefore, increased control over the bag. If you are into boxing, you may want to look into the advantages of using a speed bag in training.


One of the main advantages of using a speed bag is that it builds hand-eye coordination, which is essential to boxers. Hand-eye coordination is built by standing in place and hitting the bag repetitively. Once you are accustomed to using the speed bag, you can also use it to build your foot and body coordination as well. This is done by moving around the speed bag while hitting it.


Another advantage of using the speed bag is that it increases your control. In boxing, it is essential to know how to control the speed and power of your punches. Hitting the speed bag repetitively requires a controlled amount of power and speed. Using speed bags in your training can help you make your movements efficient and precise.

Timing and rhythm

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of using the speed bag is the rhythm and timing it takes. In order to keep the bag moving, you must continuously move and be on target with your strikes. It is a great way of getting used to the timing of hits in coordination with your body and foot movements.

Staying in shape

Since a good training session with the speed bag requires constant motion, concentration and focus, it is a good way of keeping in shape. Your arms and shoulders are strengthened through speed bag use. Likewise, the endurance that it takes to keep the speed bag in continuous motion will cause for a good work out.

Rear View of a Boxer Punching a Punching Bag

Rear View of a Boxer Punching a Punching Bag Photographic Print

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